Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012

Managing for Success 2008-2012 is about changing and transforming the education system to ensure all students have the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they need to realise their potential and succeed.

About the strategy

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012 sets out specific outcomes, priorities for action and targets over the five-year period 2008 to 2012 to realise Māori potential.

Primarily it aims to influence the thinking, policy, practice and services of the Ministry of Education and the government agencies responsible for education by building on the latest research evidence and from the ideas, experiences, hopes and aspirations of Māori throughout the country.

Focus areas

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012 spans the entire education sector and identifies four focus areas where the evidence shows coordinated activity will have the most impact.

  1. The Foundation Years: early learning and the first years at school
  2. Young People Engaged in Learning: particularly in Year 9-10
  3. Māori Language in Education: setting and resourcing priorities
  4. Organisational Success: firstly for the Ministry of Education, and then for the rest of the education sector.

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012: Strategy focus areas

Strategic intent

The overarching strategic intent of Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012 is ‘Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori’.

The strategic intent will be realised through four broad learner outcomes.

  1. Māori learners working with others to determine successful learning and education pathways.
  2. Māori learners excel and successfully realise their cultural distinctiveness and potential.
  3. Māori learners successfully participating in and contributing to te ao Māori.
  4. Māori learners gaining the universal skills and knowledge needed to successfully participate in and contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008–2012 aims to transform the education system and ensure Māori enjoying educational success as Māori is the norm. It aims to ensure all students have the opportunity to realise their potential through education.

To do this, the Ministry is strongly linking with other Government agencies including:

  • Education Review Office
  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • Careers New Zealand
  • The Correspondence School
  • New Zealand Teachers Council
  • Te Puni Kōkiri

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