Measurable Gains Framework

Resources to help measure the extent to which activities and initiatives are making a difference to Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori. To what extent is identity, language and culture embedded in these activities and initiatives?

Measurable Gains Evaluative Logic

Ka Hikitia – Measurable Gains Framework: Evaluative Logic [DOC, 84 KB]

Rubrics: Ministry leadership role

MGF Rubric 1.2: Policy development and operations [DOC, 72 KB]

MGF Rubric 1.3: Culturally confident and capable staff [DOC, 76 KB]

MGF Rubric 1.6: Effective Iwi/Mana Whenua Relationships [DOC, 219 KB]

Rubrics: Effectiveness in the sector

MGF Rubric 2.1: Culturally responsive effective teaching for Māori learners [DOC, 60 KB]

MGF Rubric 2.2: Effective educational leadership; culturally responsive learning contexts and systems [DOC, 60 KB]

MGF Rubric 2.3: Effective provision of te reo Māori in and through education [DOC, 66 KB]

MGF Rubric 2.5: Effective parent, family and whānau engagement [DOC, 53 KB]

MGF Rubric 2.6: Effective Māori learner support, information and advice (pathways) [DOC, 70 KB]

MGF Rubric 2.7: Effective and relevant service provision for Māori learners [DOC, 73 KB]

Rubrics: As Māori learner outcomes

MGF Rubric 3.1: Māori learner progress and achievement (including proficiency in te reo Māori) [DOC, 59 KB]

MGF Rubric 3.2: Māori learner attendance, retention and engagement [DOC, 197 KB]

MGF Rubric 3.3: Māori learners and whānau well informed and making good choices about education pathways and career options [DOC, 116 KB]

Rubrics: Ka Hikitia longer-term strategic outcomes

MGF Rubric 4: Māori enjoying and achieving education success as Māori [DOC, 62 KB]

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