Strategy overview

At the heart of a strong economy and healthy society lies the educational success of its people. Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017 is our renewed strategy to improve how the education system performs to ensure Māori students are enjoying and achieving education success as Māori.

Ka Hikitia has been extended until the end of 2018 and continues to be our Māori education strategy. We’re going to be working with the sector and communities on the next phase of the strategy this year.

Definition of terms used in the strategy

Our glossary provides definitions for the terms used throughout Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017.

Ka Hikitia – Glossary of terms

An introduction to the strategy

This section introduces the vision for and key elements of Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017.

Introduction to Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017

Guiding principles

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017 has five guiding principles.

Accelerating Success 2013-2017: Guiding principles

Critical factors for success

Quality education provision and strong engagement with everyone who has a role to play in education will make the most powerful difference to Māori students’ educational success.

Accelerating Success 2013-2017: Critical factors for success

Other essential elements for success

Creating strong educational pathways and supporting transitions during a Māori student’s educational journey promote better educational outcomes.

Accelerating Success 2013-2017: Other essential elements for success

Strategy focus areas

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017 identifies five areas for prioritising and focusing resources. Concentrating on these areas will accelerate success.

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017: Strategy focus areas

Putting the strategy into action

Learn how Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017 will accelerate the pace for positive change in Māori education.

Putting Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017 into action

Further information

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