Creating a refocused careers service within the Tertiary Education Commission

A review of the careers system completed in 2015 concluded that the government’s careers information and advice activities are fragmented and overlapping.

As a result, the Education Act has been updated to streamline the way government careers information and advice is provided. Careers New Zealand (CNZ) is being replaced with a refocused careers service within the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). A Government review of the careers system found that change was needed to make pathways into further study and work clearer; strengthen connections between education and employers; and reduce fragmentation and duplication across government agencies.

What will the TEC’s focus and functions be?

The TEC’s careers service will focus on providing high quality careers information and strengthening connections between education and employment.

The TEC’s long-term careers functions will be to:

  • provide a publicly available careers information service that includes a database of information about occupations and tertiary education and training
  • facilitate and strengthen the connections between schools, employers and tertiary education organisations, to ensure students are better prepared for employment and further education and training.

What are the benefits of transferring CNZ to the TEC?

The change will enable children and young people to make better-informed, timely decisions about their learning pathways.

The transfer of CNZ to the TEC will improve careers information by:

  • helping to consolidate all the information users of the careers system need in one place
  • enabling better integration of the Government’s online careers planning tools, and
  • establishing clear lines of accountability for the delivery of careers information.

It will also make use of the TEC’s ability to work with tertiary providers and employers so they provide better careers information to schools, and coordinate with schools on the skill needs of the labour market.

How will this change affect students and their families?

Students and their families will have access to better and more consistent careers information and be able to access a continually expanding and improving suite of online tools, making it easier to navigate this information.

How will this change affect schools?

Schools will benefit from enhanced connections with tertiary education organisations and employers, which will enable them to better align their teaching with the further study and employment opportunities available to their students. These connections and the consequent benefits will also be enhanced by the work to strengthen student learning pathways through Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

How will this change affect employers?

Employers will benefit from stronger connections with schools and tertiary providers, enabling them to more directly influence the skills pipeline, and from careers education that links teaching and learning to the application of skills, knowledge and competencies in the labour market.

When will this change come into effect?

The TEC is now the Government’s career agency. The legislation gives the TEC six months from 1 July 2017 to realign the way the organisation works to deliver the new careers functions. During this time there will be no external change to service for either organisation.

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