Information for the community - Relocation of school to Havelock North

Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu is a Year 1-8 primary school which is currently operating out of leased facilities on a site in Albert Street, Hastings. The kura (school) operates alongside its associated kōhanga reo (early childhood education centre) and a tertiary institution, Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu.

The Albert Street site is very small, and the roll of the kura is growing. Although it has put in place temporary solutions, such as converting a support area into a learning space, the kura is now unable to provide a suitable physical learning environment for all the students who wish to learn there.

The constrained site means that the kōhanga reo is also struggling to accommodate demand for placements, and not all of its graduates are able to enrol at the kura.

The Government recently announced funding for new property for the kura and its kōhanga reo, so that it can relocate to the Arataki Road site. This will enable the kura to accommodate its growing roll, and supports the possibility of it expanding to offer full Year 1-13 Māori Medium schooling.

The process which has led to the Government’s announcement is consistent with the process used for other schools and kura around the country.

The 2.83ha Arataki Road site in Havelock North was identified as a suitable location for the kura to relocate to. It was purchased in 2009 for the purpose of further education provision and is designated for education purposes.

The kura has applied for a change of class from Year 1-8 to Year 1-13, and this application is being processed by the Ministry. In Havelock North there is stable student population growth forecast so it is not expected that this change of class will affect the rolls of Havelock North schools.

It is expected that the kura will remain in its current location until the new buildings are completed on the Arataki Road site.

Planning for the kura to relocate onto the Arataki site will commence shortly. The Ministry expects to commence construction in 2017 and the expected completion date will be in 2018.

Frequently asked questions

Background of the kura

Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Wānanga Whare Tapere o Takitimu was established in 1996. It is currently a Year 1-8 primary school, and it is designated as a Kura Kaupapa Māori under section 155 of the Education Act 1989.

Why does the kura need to move?

The kura is experiencing overcrowding, as its roll is growing but its current site is very small. The kura is also looking to expand to provide secondary education. This has made a long-term property solution a matter of urgency.

Why was the Arataki Road site chosen for the new kura?

This is a 2.83 hectare site which is already owned by the Ministry of Education, and is designated for education purposes. Relocating the kura there will meet its current needs and also allows for potential future expansion.

Were other sites considered?

The Arataki Road site provides a suitable option for the kura, which is now overcrowded and needs to be relocated as soon as possible.

Is Havelock North an appropriate location for a school whose students mostly come from Hastings?

The Ministry considers that the Arataki Road site is suitably located for the student community of the kura.

Was the Arataki Road site set aside for use by other schools?

The land owned by the Ministry is designated for education purposes, and was not designated for specific schools.

How will the needs of other schools be met if the Arataki Road site is no longer available?

There is currently no indication that the population of Havelock North will grow to a degree that would put pressure on existing schools’ capacity. If this was to happen in future, suitable options, such as purchasing new land, would be explored at the appropriate time.

Does the Ministry consult with the community before moving a school or kura?

The Ministry acknowledges the community interest in this project, and both the Ministry and Board of Trustees of the kura will ensure the wider community is kept informed throughout the design and construction process.

Will normal consenting processes with local authorities apply to the building of the new school?

Yes - as the site is already designated for education, an outline plan application is also required.

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