Factors associated with the risk of not achieving in education

On 20 June 2017 the Ministry released a series of documents related to the identification and impact of factors related to the risk of students not achieving in education.

Deletions have been made from the documents under section 9(2)(f)(iv) of the Official Information Act 1982.

Documents released:

Annotated Agenda for clinic on the review of Alternative Education; 5 May 2016

Briefing Note: Alternative Education: Data and information; 4 July 2016

Slide pack: At risk provision data slide pack; 4 July 2016

Map pack: At risk provision in the regions; 4 July 2016

Briefing for Judge Walker’s presentation at the Alternative Education National Body Forum; 30 August 2016

Briefing Note: Application of Social Investment Principles in Education; 28 June 2016

Briefing: Supplementary at-risk material - Cohort costs by number of risk factors; 23 September 2016

Meeting paper: Review of Funding Systems update; 24 September 2015

Meeting paper: Provisional predictive modelling of risk of education under-achievement; 2 September 2016

Presentation: Predictive modelling of risk of educational under-achievement; 15 December 2016

Presentation: Understanding and defining disadvantage; 18 January 2017

Meeting paper: improving funding for disadvantage; 2 February 2017

Meeting paper: Review of Education Funding Systems: First Decisions; 24 February 2017

Download these documents (as one file) [PDF, 23 MB]


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