Auckland office accessible carpark and access

Our Auckland office offers wheelchair access via the carpark entrance off Edwin Street. Once you've entered the carpark make your way across the open courtyard to Eden 5 (far corner). Enter the foyer and make your way to Level 3 via the lift.

Accessible carpark available

We have 1 accessible carpark. To book this phone 09 632 9400, or ask the staff member you’re meeting with to book it for you.

The carpark entrance is at 12-18 Normanby Road. Push the entry button for reception to open the gates. The accessible carpark is located on level 1.

Access to our offices from either carpark

If you're parked in our accessible carpark on Level 1, use the lift from level 1.

If you're in the Wilson carpark, cross the courtyard and use the lift on level 2.

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