Supporting the inclusion and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ students

We’ve brought together practical information to help support the inclusion, safety and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ students

This guidance isn’t a set of hard or fast rules or indicative of any policy changes in this area. It’s designed to help school leaders and teachers navigate issues that may arise as they look at how they can create a positive learning environment that supports the academic achievement and wellbeing of all students. Information includes:

  • understanding sex, gender and sexuality diversity
  • creating a school culture where all students are included, visible and valued
  • addressing immediate environmental, physical and social needs of students
  • creating an inclusive classroom that supports all students to achieve.

Research shows that LGBT students are less likely to ask for help if they are upset, have higher risk of mental health issues and fewer ‘protective factors’ such as a sense of belonging at school. Partnering with students, teachers and parents in planning for the inclusion and wellbeing of all students means everyone can be confident that school is a safe and affirming environment.

School leaders can also find out how students at their school really feel through the free Wellbeing@school student survey

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