Invested in success together

Secretary for Education Iona Holsted and Director of Education for Waikato Paula Rawiri recently met with leaders from the Matamata Kāhui Ako to learn about their shared vision.

This was an opportunity for the leaders in the Kāhui Ako to share the benefits they’re seeing from working together and from a shared focus on their achievement challenges around improving culturally responsive and relational pedagogy, especially for boys and Māori students, and teacher efficacy and transformation through spirals of inquiry.

On the day Iona visited, the Matamata Kāhui Ako was in the process of interviewing for their across community teacher roles. The principals and board members at the meeting commented on the quality of applicants for the roles and were excited about getting the roles filled so they could get into the ‘grunt work’ of tackling their achievement challenges.

Read the full story on the Education Gazette website.

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