English-language providers to start submitting automated data

From 1 January 2018, English-language providers who enrol international students will submit enrolment information to the Ministry of Education through an automated system known as the UIP system. Other unfunded international providers have provided data to the UIP system since March 2016.

English-language providers are private training establishments that enrol international students and do not receive government funding. These providers run short-term English language courses, mostly for visitors and tour groups to New Zealand. 

Submitting data to the UIP system will be a requirement to maintain registration. This follows work by the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Education New Zealand (ENZ) alongside English New Zealand and English-language providers to develop a shorter set of data that reflects the more informal nature of their English programmes. 

The UIP data collection system fills a gap in knowledge about international students enrolling at UIPs, their pathways through the system and the contribution of UIPs to the overall success of the international education industry. The Ministry will work with English-language providers to help them implement the new system. 

We are currently developing specifications and guidelines which will be posted on this website no later than the end of August 2017.

Further information

Read more about the UIP data collection system


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