Education fono for Pacific communities

A series of fono for Pacific communities kicks off next week.

The fono are an opportunity for Pacific communities to hear what the Ministry of Education did with their feedback last year on educational aspirations for Pacific learners, and how it is feeding into their work programme.

It will also be a chance to see how those conversations played out in this year’s budget and to work together on the next steps.

Pacific communities have shared with us their educational aspirations for Pacific learners. What they shared is shaping education.

There is still a lot of work to do to make sure the education system is working for all Pacific learners and families and this is why the Government is committed to using the Pacific communities’ experiences to shape the wider work in education, and change the way the Ministry of Education works with Pacific families and communities.

Pacific education, what's next? – Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga website

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