Draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan

The draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan was released today by Minister Martin.

The draft Action Plan builds on the positive progress of the Ministry’s new Learning Support delivery model, which is being implemented in response to widespread feedback in 2015-16.

The aim is to have an inclusive education system where children and young people with additional learning needs, including disabilities, are welcome, and where their achievement, progress, wellbeing and participation is valued and supported

The draft Action Plan covers four priority areas:

  • improving the way children and young people are assessed for additional learning needs
  • strengthening the range of supports for children and young people with disabilities and additional learning needs
  • improving the way the education system responds to neurodiverse learners and gifted learners
  • ensuring that learning support is resourced for increased support and delivery.

The draft Action Plan includes proposals that will assist in providing a more accessible, flexible, child-centred and joined up approach for disability and learning support. It will support schools to build a highly professional, inclusive and holistic in-school workforce.

It reflects input from a range of sources, including the 2015 Learning Support Update, and the Select Committee Inquiry into Identification and Support for students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Action Plan is dependent on available funding, including gaining Cabinet approval for funding for any new initiatives, and will need to be phased and sequenced over a period of years.

Consultation on the draft Action Plan will begin next week and run until 31 October.

More information on the draft plan is available here.

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