Otago, Southland

Otago - Southland is a large area in the southernmost part of New Zealand. Its major centres include Dunedin, Oamaru, Balclutha, Alexandra and Cromwell, and major tourist areas are Queenstown, Wanaka, Arrowtown and Kaitangata.

Size and growth

Queenstown-Lakes and Central Otago Districts were among the fastest growing territorial authorities in New Zealand in the year ending June 2018. Recent growth in the Wanaka catchment exceeded Statistics NZ projections. Wanaka and Wakatipu Basin are considered high growth catchments.

Catchment Plans within the National Education Growth Plan

The Otago-Southland region has two individual catchment plans within the National Education Growth Plan.

See the Otago-Southland region catchment plans.

What’s been happening in Otago – Southland








Proposed new Primary School
A new primary school is proposed at Hanley Downs, near Queenstown, to open in 2021.





Shotover Primary School
New school opened

Shotover Primary School opened(external link)


Dunedin South


Review of the Dunedin South school network
Merging of two schools to form Bathgate Park School, and three schools to form Carisbrook School

Review of the Dunedin South school network(external link)


Wakatipu Basin


Review of the Wakatipu Basin school network

(external link)Review of the Wakatipu Basin school network(external link)

Survey regarding Wakatipu Basin school network review(external link)




Review of the Wanaka school network

Review of the Wanaka school network(external link)


Your say matters

Our communities are changing all the time. When we work with Boards of Trustees to come up with options to meet the demand of students in particular areas, we look at the whole network rather than individual schools.

Planning for future growth, identifying where the best use of space will be, and ensuring all local children and young people can attend their local school, underpins our decisions on options.

Your say in this matters. Sharing your views and listening to each other’s ideas, suggestions and feedback on options through engagement and consultation helps ensure the network of schools is in the best shape to offer quality education opportunities – now and into the future.

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