Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Education Council is the professional body for New Zealand teachers.

Alongside championing best practise and leadership, the Council has several other working functions:

  • It is responsible for the registration and ongoing certification of teachers in New Zealand.
  • It supports the processes to make sure teachers meet and maintain the necessary standards needed to teach.
  • It manages the systems for ensuring teachers are competent, and administers the process for managing complaints about teachers.

Over 90% of the Education Council’s funding comes from teachers.

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Education Council membership

The selection process for the Council was thorough, rigorous and robust, and conducted according to State Services Commission guidelines.

145 nominations were received and the 24 nominees shortlisted and were interviewed by a panel comprising Education Review Office chief executive, Iona Holsted, the former principal of Wellington High Prue Kelly and Institute of Directors Board Service Advisor Kelly McGregor.

On 1 July the new council took over responsibility for all matters to do with the registration and disciplining of the teaching profession from the Teachers Council. The council also has a wider mandate to lead the teaching profession and raise its status.

Reappointing members

After the end of their first term, Education Council members can be reappointed for up to 2 more terms of up to 3 years.

Removing members

The Minister can remove council member at any time for good reason. This is done in writing, stating the reason for removal and the effective date. The grounds for removing a council member are set out in schedule 21 of the Education Amendment Act 2015 (external link) . These include if a member no longer holds a practising certificate or has it suspended.

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