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The worldwide demand for skilled people in an increasingly digital economy far outstrips the skills supply. New Zealand's technology industry partners tell us there are significant opportunities to better compete in a global marketplace.

The strengthened curriculum will provide every student with the opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities to design and develop new digital technologies; to inspire students to engage in the multi-faceted world of computer science and to become not just users, but designers and creators of digital technologies.

Supporting the workforce of the future

What will change in classrooms?

Many teachers, schools, kura and Kāhui Ako are already making digital technologies learning part of their teaching programmes. This change ensures that all learners get these experiences, to prepare them to be work-ready for a world where digital skills are increasingly valuable to the economy and wider society.

This curriculum will be available for all students from year 1 to year 13 (roughly 5 to 18 years). Students have the opportunity to specialise from year 11 to year 13. We are starting with NCEA Level 1 achievement standards, which will be available for use from 2018. Levels 2 and 3 will be made available from 2019.

By the end of Year 10, all young people should be digitally capable - able to use and create digital technologies to solve problems and take advantage of whatever pathway they choose to follow.

For students who study Digital Technologies through to Year 13, we expect that they will be on the pathway to specialising - meaning that they understand the targeted digital skills needed in the digital technologies industry, and how they can lead our next generation of innovators and trailblazers in the digital world.

How can you be involved?

Think about how you can support the growth of skills and competencies you need by connecting with the young people in your community. You can support your local school, kura or Kāhui Ako to understand how your organisation uses technology.

Work with your local schools, kura, and Kahui Ako to adopt a local curriculum that ensures that students have the digital capabilities that you need as employers.

Potential or current suppliers of digital learning resources to schools can visit our procurement site (external link)  to find out how to register to receive information about upcoming contract opportunities and providing resources to schools.

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