Making improvements to the new strategic planning and reporting framework

Last year’s Education (Update) Amendment Act introduced a new planning and reporting framework for State and State integrated schools, due to commence on 1 January 2019. The Bill proposes extending the commencement date out until 1 January 2020.

Moving the commencement date out by 12 months will ensure there is sufficient time to develop the regulations for the new framework, and for schools and Kura to successfully implement the new system. 

The Bill also proposes a number of changes to make the new framework more workable for schools, including aligning strategic planning with board of trustee election cycles and clarifying the requirements for making amendments to strategic plans and annual implementation plans.

The Bill does this by:

  • requiring school boards to develop a strategic plan at least once every three years, or, if the Secretary determines, at more frequent intervals, rather than the current four years. A three year term better aligns with Board of Trustee election cycles.
  • enabling (after consultation) school boards to ask the Secretary to approve significant amendments to their strategic plan at any time
  • clarifying that boards are able to make minor amendments to their strategic plans without the Secretary’s approval.
  • The Bill makes other minor technical changes and clarifications to the new framework.

We will be engaging with the education sector, parents and students on the implementation of the new planning and reporting framework in 2019.


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