Pathways and transitions

Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako can use resources to develop seamless pathways for learners between early childhood, schooling and beyond, in both English and Māori medium settings.

Early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo

Communities of Learning are an opportunity for early learning services and schools to work collaboratively to improve education outcomes for all learners. Early learning services are encouraged to join to support the achievement challenges of the Community of Learning. As of March 2017, more than 90 early learning service providers were part of a Community of Learning as approved by the Minister of Education.

Read more about early learning services and Communities of Learning.

Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee initiatives are about improving the transition from school to further study, work or training. They provide a wider range of learning opportunities, make better use of the education network, and clarify pathways from school. 

Vocational Pathways

Vocational Pathways help Communities of Learning provide learners, families and whānau with clear links to future employment, study or training opportunities. Vocational Pathways arrange all jobs in the economy into six sectors and recommend appropriate study and training options for learners across all levels of the education system.

Vocational Pathways use two complementary tools: the Curriculum design and self review cycle, and the Programme design self review template. Both are available using the search function on the Youth Guarantee website. (external link)    


The FindMyPath website (external link) has information about education pathways and qualification to job information and careers in six areas aligned to Vocational Pathways:

  • construction and infrastructure
  • creative industries
  • primary industries
  • manufacturing and technology
  • social and community
  • service industries.

Users can also search for jobs and qualifications on the website, which links to information on the Careers New Zealand website.

Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways

The Secondary Tertiary Transitions Pathways data tool is hosted by The Tertiary Education Commission on their Ngā Kete website. Communities of Learning leaders can access the site using their individual Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation account.
Read more about Ngā Kete and how to access the tool. (external link)

Regional Economic Activity Report

The Regional Economic Activity Tools (external link) present New Zealand economic data via a web tool and mobile apps, highlighting trends, challenges and opportunities for each region.  

Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi

Communities of Learning can use Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi to identify and share best practice in Māori medium education. The framework is based around 4 quadrants:

  • community and iwi context
  • whānau language and engagement
  • governance, leaders and teachers
  • learning environments

One component of the framework is the Māori Medium Education Regional System Data and Analysis, which uses benchmarked data to provide information about how well Māori medium education is performing by region. It can be accessed from our Education Counts website (external link)

A personalised pathway

This video highlights the tools and resources available to support a student's personalised pathway in a Community of Learning.

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