Keeping students safe on school buses

Keeping students safe

Read the behaviour protocols and safety tips listed in our School Bus Safety: Behaviours and Responsibilities fact sheet [PDF, 316 KB]. This list will help you keep up to date with the safety protocols that everyone should follow to help them travel safely on our school buses. The fact sheet includes information on standing on buses, seat belts, what happens if there is a crash, student behaviour and getting safely on and off the bus.

Safe Behaviour on Buses programme

Join up to our Safe Behaviour on Buses programme which will help you work better with your school bus drivers to manage student behaviour on buses.

How the programme works

There are two main parts to this voluntary programme:

  1. An agreement [DOC, 122 KB] between you and the bus company, which outlines each party's roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing student behaviour that is not up to standard. The agreement is in a template format and you can change the template to suit your particular needs. Our service agents can help you develop an agreement to suit your needs.
  2. A set of tools and resources that will give you ideas for managing student behaviour. The resources include:

We developed the programme in association with the Bus and Coach Association (external link) , the New Zealand Transport Association (external link) and the School Trustees Association (external link) .

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