Keeping children safe in the sun

Children love being outside, but exposure to the New Zealand sun can be harmful, even when it’s cloudy if appropriate precautions are not taken. It is a good idea for ECE services and kōhanga reo to have sun protection policies and practices that keep children safe and comfortable when they’re outside.

A sun protection policy

The Cancer Society of New Zealand (external link) has a sample sun protection policy for ECE services and kōhanga reo. A link to the policy is provided below.

Things to think about when developing your sun protection policy

To keep children safe when outside, you should:

  • make sure everyone at the service knows your sun protection policy
  • have shaded play areas
  • ensure the supervising adults practise sun protection, eg, by wearing sunhats
  • give information to parents about sun protection, eg, appropriate clothing and sunscreen lotions, and what your service expects of them, eg, knowing to put sunscreen on their child before dropping them off at your service
  • reapply sunscreen if children are at the service for more than 4 hours
  • have a supply of spare sunhats and sunscreen.

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