Media enquiries – information for early learning services

Enquiries from the media can be daunting, especially if you don’t deal with them very often.

Remember you can always contact the Ministry for support and advice if you need to. Contact your regional education office in the first instance and we’ll be happy to help.

If we get a media query about your early learning service, we will make our best efforts, within the time constraints, to let you know about it and how we are responding to it.

Most media request a same day response and some within just a few hours and we work hard to meet those deadlines.

You can expect that we will make accurate and considered responses to media queries within those timeframes. That’s our expectation of ourselves and we work hard to deliver on it.

We’re sometimes asked for general information about an issue that isn’t about a specific early learning service, but later develops into a story about a particular service. Alternatively, we might be asked under the Official Information Act for information about large numbers of early learning services.

In these cases, we’ll give you a heads-up if we have reason to believe your service will be specifically or particularly impacted.

We work to support early learning services, their children and young people and their parents and communities.

The media is a key information channel. The more responsive we all are, the better our chance of increasing public understanding of, and confidence in, the education system and the work you do.

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