HS18: Travelling in vehicles

Health and safety practices criterion 18

If children travel in a motor vehicle while in the care of the service:

  • each child is restrained as required by the Land Transport legislation;
  • required adult: child ratios are maintained; and
  • the written permission of a parent of the child is obtained before the travel begins (unless the child is traveling with their parent).

Documentation required:

Evidence of parental permission for any travel by motor vehicle. In most cases, this requirement will be met by the excursion records required for criterion HS17. However, services that provide transport for children to and/or from the service must also gain written permission from a parent upon enrolment.


The criterion aims to uphold the safety of children while traveling in motor vehicles. Linking the restraint of children to licensing requirements allows Ministry of Education to put a regulatory intervention in place for non-compliance, as opposed to fines given by Police.

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