Requirements for on-site tertiary exams at Alert Level 3

If New Zealand or parts of New Zealand were at Alert Level 3 during an exam period, exams can still go ahead if certain conditions can be met. The following precautions must be in place to reduce potential risk.

At Alert Level 3

Before the start of each examination, TEOs must ensure:

  • Desks in the exam room are spaced so that students are at least 1.5 metres apart in all directions,
  • All surfaces like door handles, desks and chairs, lab equipment or tools are disinfected and cleaned,
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to each exam room,
  • Exam candidates are observed by staff on arrival checking for symptoms and asking those presenting as unwell to make arrangements to go home,
  • Candidates keep at least one metre apart if they have to wait to enter the exam room prior to the start of the exam,
  • There is a system in place to manage congestion prior to the exam – for example someone to manage a queue to ensure there is appropriate distancing between candidates prior to entering the room,
  • Exam rooms have adequate ventilation,
  • NZ COVID Tracer App QR codes are positioned at the entrance to each exam room, and systems are in place to ensure each student scans these codes (alternative forms of information collection to enable contact tracing must also be in place).

During each exam, TEOs must ensure:

  • Exam supervisors position themselves in the exam room so that they have line of sight to all students but do not walk the aisles as they normally may,
  • Exam supervisors only approach students when they require assistance, and should avoid direct contact with students,

 After each exam, TEOs must ensure:

  • Students leave the exam room in a way that maintains physical distancing,
  • All surfaces like door handles, desks and chairs, lab equipment or tools are disinfected and cleaned,
  • Exam supervisors wash and dry their hands thoroughly (or use hand sanitiser) after handling exam papers or other equipment and before setting up the exam room for the following exam session,
  • Encourage students to immediately return home after their exam (and not to mill around in groups).

Face coverings at Alert Level 3

Face coverings are not required in an exam at Alert Level 3, though students and the staff member supervising the exam may wish to use them.

Capacity limits and ‘bubble sizes’ for examinations at Alert Level 3

Under normal Alert Level 3 restrictions, TEOs should only be running small classes where remote delivery is not possible, and these class bubbles must be limited to up to 20 students and staff (this size limit was previously 10), and these individuals should not be part of multiple class bubbles.

For examinations only, there are no restrictions on the number of students and staff/supervisors who can attend each examination, and students and staff may move between multiple examinations provided all of the above requirements (for before, during and after exams) are met. 

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