All approved Kāhui Ako to continue to receive full funding

All approved Kāhui Ako will continue to receive full funding following the Government’s announcement that the teachers new pay offer will be part-funded from unspent funding previously allocated for Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

That is, funding will continue for any Kāhui Ako that, at the time of the announcement:

  • is currently up and running and has filled or partially filled its roles or is in the process of renewing existing roles
  • has had its achievement challenges endorsed and is now recruiting, or is about to start recruiting, for the within and across school teacher roles
  • has been approved but does not yet have its achievement challenges endorsed and therefore is yet to have its within and across school roles released for recruitment.

This means that the 221 Kāhui Ako that have been approved will continue to have full funding available to fill all of the roles they are entitled to regardless of their stage of development. No new Kāhui Ako will be approved however, following the announcement.

At this stage, schools and early learning services can still join, withdraw, or move between existing Kāhui Ako - as is currently the case.

The reallocation will not impact on the new model of delivery for learning support services. This model is based on clusters of schools regardless of whether or not they are members of a Kāhui Ako.

If you have any questions about the possible impact of the announcement on your Kāhui Ako email



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