We offer a range of support to Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako from the early stages of formation through to being fully functioning.


  • Education advisor: the primary contact person for all Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, to provide support as they form and progress.
  • Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako lead advisor: provides guidance and advice while overseeing and supporting the formation and development of Communities of Learning in their region. 
  • Student Achievement Function (SAF) practitioner(external link): uses data and culturally responsive practice to develop the achievement challenges that are focused on Māori and priority learners. 
  • Secondary-tertiary lead(external link): is experienced in analysing NCEA data, secondary learning pathways, qualifications, progression from Level 2 to tertiary training and connections to local industry.  
  • Education manager – has oversight of all Communities of Learning in a region, coordinating and leading our Ministry support. 

Contact us 

Please call 0800 IES INFO (0800 437 4636) or email to find out more about forming a new Community of Learning or joining an existing one.  

Learning support

We are updating learning support (previously called Special Education) to make it easier to access, more child-focused, flexible and better integrated with the education system. 

Elements of the learning support delivery model are being tested during Term 1 in Communities of Learning in Whakatane, Otūmoetai and Taupo. Co-designed with these Communities of Learning, the test will validate, measure and evaluate key aspects of the model, with outcomes and lessons learned informing our nationwide implementation later in 2017. 

Read more about the learning support update.

Operational and staffing support

State, state-integrated schools and kura involved in Communities of Learning receive ongoing operational funding and staffing support. Boards that appoint teachers or principals to a role in a Community of Learning receive additional allowances, as set out below.

The board of each school or kura receives $1000 when the Minister approves the setting up of a new Community of Learning or when the school joins an existing one. Each board then receives $1000 annually to help with costs relating to maintaining their Community of Learning.

Inquiry time

Inquiry time is provided to all boards in a Community of Learning. Inquiry time provides opportunities for teachers to work together to build a strong culture of inquiry and collaboration.

Every board in a Community of Learning will receive at least 0.05 full time teacher equivalent (FTTE) inquiry time per year.

Where a school’s guaranteed minimum formula staffing (GMFS) or assured staffing is greater than 10 FTTE, we calculate the inquiry time by dividing the school’s staffing by 10 and multiplying that result by 0.06 to give an annual allocation.

Roles that are specific to Communities of Learning attract additional funding:

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