Wireless provides more flexible digital learning and teaching. Some schools will be eligible for wireless SNUP (WSNUP) or schools can organise their own wireless connection.

Wireless ensures that schools are making full use of their ultra-fast broadband connection. It enables students to bring their own devices ‘BYOD’, giving teachers and learners increasingly better ways to work.

In isolated communities, your school may be the only place with wireless and you can choose to share this network with your community

Wireless SNUP (WSNUP)

If your school network was upgraded before 2012 you will be eligible to be upgraded to wireless.

Getting wireless in your school or additional wireless connections

You need to find an approved ICT contractor

Go to the Discounts for schools information for wireless equipment

WiFi safety

Go to WiFi networks safety on the Ministry of Health website (external link)  

Ministry of Health Radiofrequency field exposure standard (external link)


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