Preparing your documents and using templates

Planning and reporting documents outline for parents, whānau, your school and the wider community what your board intends to achieve for students, how it will do this and the progress it has made. Contact your local Ministry Office if you would like advice or assistance with developing your documents.

Your board may find this checklist useful when developing your planning and reporting documents.


Charter overview and template

This  outlines the key areas your board will focus on, both in the long-term and the coming year. The aims and targets included in your charter should be based on evidence and be informed from the outcome of your board's self review. Your charter needs to include the priorities identified by parents, whānau, and your community and be written in plain language.

Charters include 3 main sections:

  • the introductory section (including mission, vision and values)
  • the strategic section (broad aims covering the next 3-5 years)
  • the annual section (including specific targets and planned actions)

Charter template

The use of this template is optional. An annotated and a blank WORD version of the charter template are available from the UACEL website. (This charter template has been designed by The University of Auckland’s Centre for Educational Leadership (UACEL) with us).

The legislative requirements for what a charter must contain are set out in section 61 of the Education Act 1989. These requirements should be read in conjunction with the National Administration Guidelines.

Analysis of variance overview and template

An analysis of variance is a statement in which your board provides an evaluation of progress you have made in achieving the aims and targets set out in your charter. It shows parents, whānau and your community the actions you have taken to achieve your aims and targets and how successful these actions have been for improving student achievement.

The analysis of variance should also provide the basis for plans for the coming year.

A copy of your analysis of variance is also included in your annual report.

Analysis of variance template

Use the analysis of variance template for reporting on the progress your school has made in achieving the targets set in your charter by providing a discussion on:

  • the actions you took
  • the outcomes of these actions
  • the reason for the variance between the targets set and what was achieved
  • an evaluation of the actions taken and their results, and
  • your planning for next year.

The use of this template is optional. It is available in English and Te Reo.

The legislative requirements for what an analysis of variance must contain are set out in section 87 of the Education Act 1989.

English Language Learners progression template

The use of this template is optional. You can use this template to report information about English language learner progress in relation to the English Language Learning Progressions for reading, writing, speaking or listening.

ELL Progressions Template



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