Resource teacher learning and behaviour (RTLB) support funding

Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour (RTLBs) provide learning and behaviour support to a number of schools and kura within a geographic region. We provide Learning Support Funding (LSF) to the board of the fund-holder school in each cluster.

RTLB learning and support funding

  • Educational support, for example assistance to students who need individual support
  • Release time for classroom teachers to meet with the RTLB
  • Professional development for departments, syndicates and schools to enhance skills in behaviour management or curriculum development

How RTLB learning support funding is allocated and calculated

We calculate RTLB funding using the roll and decile of each school in the cluster.

RTLB funding for years 11 to 13 plus

RTLB Year 11 to 13 funding provides an opportunity to support schools raise the achievement of students in years 11-13 who have learning or behaviour difficulties and to meet local and national education priorities.

While it must be used equitably, the funding can be used innovatively.

From 2018 RTLB will no longer manage this resource  – Year 11+ Funding will be available through Ministry regional offices. 

RTLB staffing entitlement for lead schools in a cluster

We provide clusters with an RTLB staffing entitlement for each year.  This is expressed as full-time teacher equivalents (FTTEs) and is stipulated in a cluster’s Funding Agreement.  An additional FTTE is provided for the employment of a cluster manager.

Leadership payments are available for the cluster to distribute to the cluster manager, practice leaders and to RTLB fulfilling positions of responsibility.

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