Construction rates

We use construction rates to calculate project funding for some types of property work.

Construction rates are generally for projects where new square metres are being provided to cater for roll growth, except for when we use modular buildings.

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Construction rates

The rates include:

  • Base construction rate
  • Trade costs, contractors' preliminaries and general (P&G), margin
  • Contingency (construction and project) 
  • Consultants' fees 
  • Consent fees

Default rates for projects approved after 1 December 2016

These rates are based on assumptions about the size and complexity of the project. Individual components (eg contingency or fees allowances) may be varied to reflect the characteristics of specific projects.

SpaceDefault rate
Teaching and non-teaching space Rate per gross m2 excluding GST
Gymnasium and auditorium Rate per gross m2 excluding GST

Other standard costs

ItemDefault rate
Lifts $130,000 per unit
Site works

Teaching space: $28,000

Non-teaching space: site specific

Construction rates and 5YA funding

The construction rate is not used to calculate 5YA funding.

Find out how 5YA funding is calculated: 5 Year Agreement (5YA) Funding

What do you use construction rates for?

The rates apply to:

  • all new capital budgets provided to schools for the provision of new square metres
  • the gross (total) area of the project (the area enclosed by all the exterior walls of a building):
    • including mezzanines, internal partitions, corridors, toilets, lifts, stairwells, cupboards, etc.
    • excluding balconies, roof overhangs, porches, external walkways, exterior covered circulation, covered ways between buildings, projecting columns and sunshades.

Reviewing rates

These rates are based on a survey of Ministry projects over the preceding 18 months. They will be reviewed regularly against recent projects undertaken.

Email for more information about construction rates.

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