Step 4: Complete 10YPP in the Planner

After the 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) planning meeting you, as the 10YPP consultant, should use the information gathered to finalise and record the 10YPP in the 10 Year Property Planner in the Property Portal.

Getting access to the Planner

You can access the 10 Year Property Planner from the Ministry’s Property Portal (external link) .

If you don’t already have access, you will need to request access following the process on: Property data and asset management systems.

Completing the Planner

The 10YPP Specifications document is designed to assist you to develop the plan and understand Ministry standards and expectations of a quality 10YPP.

Before submitting your completed 10YPP using the 10 Year Property Planner, you should use the 10YPP Checklist to ensure you have met all Ministry requirements. This is critical to reducing rework and resubmission of the 10YPP. You should include a copy of the checklist with the associated documents you will be forwarding to the Ministry.

Download the documents from 10YPP tools and resources.

As part of the training to gain access to the 10 Year Property Planner you would have completed the self-paced module ‘10YPP for consultants’. If you need a refresher you can access the module by logging into the Ministry’s Learning Management System (LMS).

10YPP for consultants module (LMS) (external link)

If you have trouble logging in or have any questions, email

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