Setting up and managing enrolment schemes (zones)

State schools can set up an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding (after receiving notice from the Ministry). The Ministry needs to approve any scheme to ensure it complies with the legislated purposes and principles of enrolment schemes. This includes making sure students can attend a reasonably convenient school, and the effective use of all schools in the area.


Note that State integrated schools, kura kaupapa Māori, designated character schools, special schools and state schools that are accredited as enrolling Communities of Online Learning have different requirements for setting up their enrolment schemes. 

Information for state schools

Developing and operating of enrolment schemes for state schools

Information for state integrated schools

The Secretary of Education's Guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes for State Integrated Schools can assist integrated schools to develop and operate enrolment schemes.

Guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes for State Integrated Schools [PDF, 311 KB]

Other types of state schools

There are currently no Secretary’s instructions or guidelines for kura kaupapa Maori, designated character schools, special schools or Communities of Online Learning. None of these types of schools currently operate enrolment schemes.

Section 11PB of the Education Act specifies how requirements relating to enrolment schemes apply to these schools.

Useful documents for state and integrated schools

Visit the following webpage for:

  • notice templates for zoning, ballots, waiting lists, and enrolment schemes, and
  • letter templates for use by schools.

Templates of notices, letters and administrative documents

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