State integrated school mergers

The Proprietor of State integrated schools may seek approval from the Minister of Education to merge 1 or more of the Proprietor’s schools (known as merging schools) with another of the Proprietor’s schools (known as the continuing school) to form a single entity.

All schools involved must have the same or similar special character, and the Proprietor must have made reasonable efforts to consult the schools’ adult students and the parents of full-time students (other than adult students) about the proposed merger.

The Ministry (on behalf of the Minister of Education) will consult with the boards of schools where the roll might be affected by the proposed merger.

State integrated school mergers are governed by section 431 of the Education Act 1989. If a merger is approved by the Minister the Proprietor must apply under section 418 of the Act to negotiate an integration agreement for the continuing school.

A Proprietor wishing to merge some of their schools should contact the Ministry’s regional office for assistance with this process.

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