Becoming an integrated school

Part 33 of the Education Act 1989 (the Act) provides for a private school with a special character to negotiate, at the discretion of the Minister of Education, with the Minister on entering an integration agreement.

On integration a school becomes established as part of the state system of education, with the special character that it provides being preserved and safeguarded. There's also provision in the Act for a proposed school to be established as an integrated school (section 419).

Integrated schools with the same Proprietor, and the same or similar special character, may be merged by the Minister of Education following a request from the Proprietor.

State integrated school mergers

What to think about

  • Why do you want to make this change?
  • Are the proprietors and parents prepared for the school to become a state school?
  • What is the school’s special character? How would you maintain this as a state-integrated school?
  • What would be the property implications?

What you should do

Read the Integration Information Pack from the Ministry of Education.

Contact the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools.

Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools website

Other relevant information

The property of a state integrated school remains the responsibility of the proprietor. The proprietor is responsible for any required capital works and may need to upgrade the property to the standard of a state school.

The process of change

Once a proprietor has determined that they wish to enter into integration negotiations, a letter should be sent to the Minister of Education quoting a resolution to this effect that has been passed by the proprietor’s board.

The process of negotiation can't begin until the proprietor has received a letter in response from the Minister, agreeing that the proprietor may submit an application. If stage 1 of the application is approved by the Minister of Education, the proprietor’s official representatives (usually members of a trust board) will negotiate with Ministry of Education representatives.

Once the Minister has approved the integration of a school, an integration agreement is signed and sealed by the proprietor and the Minister of Education. The agreement is notified in the New Zealand Gazette and the effective date of the integration is stated.

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