Combining school boards of trustees

Sometimes it makes sense for more than one school to be governed by a single board.

This may, for example, occur where a school is having governance difficulties, such as finding enough skilled trustees to make up a board. The Minister of Education can now combine boards under certain conditions.

The Minister can only combine boards when there are serious governance problems at one or more schools, and following consultation with each of the boards involved. These changes provide greater flexibility for the Minister of Education to adopt alternative arrangements to improve the governance of groups of schools. A combined board arrangement may not be suitable for all schools. It is one of the measures available to the Minister and the Ministry for addressing serious governance problems in schools.

Can the boards of schools with different characters be combined?

No. There are restrictions involving the boards of state integrated and designated character schools, and Kura Kaupapa Māori.

Can a combined board be separated?

Schools involved in a combined board could return to being governed by their own individual boards in the future. The Minister has the ability to separate a combined board (see sections 112 and 112A of the Act).

Can schools still trigger the process by requesting that the Minister combine their boards?

Yes. Boards can still request this.

Where are the combined board provisions located?

These provisions are located in sections 110 to 112A.

Links to key provisions

The following links redirect to the New Zealand Legislation website.

Section 110, Education Act 1989 (external link)

Section 110A, Education Act 1989 (external link)

Section 111, Education Act 1989 (external link)

Section 112, Education Act 1989 (external link)

Section 112A, Education Act 1989 (external link)

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