Release of Ministerial decision making documents – 2018

We proactively release Education Reports to ensure information which is of public interest is made available as soon as possible.

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The proactive release of Education Reports supplements the wide range of information already released by the Ministry including:

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In preparing this information release, the Ministry of Education has considered the public interest considerations in section 9(1) of the Official Information Act.

Release of Ministerial decision making documents September 2018

Release of Ministerial decision making documents August 2018

Education reports

Education Report: Request to Dissolve the Mauriceville School (2911) Board of Trustees and Direct the appointment of a Commissioner [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Education Report: Ministerial Appointees for the Barrytown School (3290) Board of Trustees [PDF 3MB]

Education Report: Meeting between philanthropic organisations and the Ministry of Education [PDF, 1.4MB

Education Report: TEC draft Statement of Intent 2018-2022 and Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-2019 [PDF, 2.3MB]

Education Report: Initiating consultation about the possible closure of Inangahua Junction School (3198) [PDF, 3.5MB]

Education Report: Ministerial Youth Advisory Group, Insights from Meeting 10 and 11 May 2018 [PDF 1.7MB]

Education Report: Queen Elizabeth ll Technicians' Study Awards [PDF 1.4MB]

Education Report: Kiki Kiwi Litter-less Programme [PDF 6.5MB]

Education Report: Education and Employment Matters Updated [PDF 3.7MB]

Education Report: Initiating Consultation on the Possible Closure of Isla Bank School (3969) [PDF 5MB]

Education Report: Proposed changes to the Code of Practice to strengthen international student protections [PDF 3.1MB]

Briefing notes

Briefing Note: Meeting with the Tertiary Consultative Group 9PDF 2.6MB]

Briefing Note: NCEA review Ask Me Anything — debrief [PDF 894 KB]

Briefing Note: New Zealand's tertiary education workforce — 2017 annual data [PDF 2.8MB]

Briefing Note: Meeting with Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand and Quality Tertiary Institutions [PDF 2.8MB]

Briefing Note: Supplementary Information for your Meeting with ITENZ and QTI on 2 August 2018 [PDF 1.6MB]

Briefing Note: A law change is not required to protect Fees-Free payments to Private Training Establishments [PDF 1.2MB]

Briefing Note: Te Huataki - Ministry of Education Strategy and Operating Model Update [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Other documents

Agreement to enter into negotiations to integrate Hamilton Christian School in Rototuna, Hamilton City [PDF 5.7MB]

Revocation of powers under the Education Act 1989 [PDF 2.4MB]

Tertiary Education Commission performance — Quarter 3, 2017-2018 [PDF 5.1MB]

Education New Zealand's draft Statement of Intent 2018-2022, and Draft Statement of Performance Expectations [PDF, 865KB]

New Zealand Qualification Authority's draft Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-2019 [PDF, 5.6MB]

Joint Report: Workforce Register funding — release of Budget 2017 tagged contingency [PDF 2.1MB]

Education New Zealand performance — Quarter 3, 2017-2018 [PDF 887KB]

Ministerial Satisfaction Survey 2017-2018 [PDF 1.7MB]

School's Payroll Fortnightly update 13 July 2018 [PDF, 2.9MB]

School's Payroll Fortnightly update 27 July 2018 [PDF, 2.7MB]

Release of Ministerial decision making documents July 2018

Release of Ministerial decision making documents June 2018

Education reports

Education Report: Ministerial Youth Advisory Group — payment of fees and May 2018 meeting [PDF, 513KB]

Education Report: Alternative Constitution for the Woodhill School BOT [PDF, 1.5MB]

Education Report: Increased number of Overseas Relocation Grants available in Teacher Supply Package announced December 2017 [PDF 1.0MB]

Education Report: Tertiary Education Commission performance — Quarter 2, 2017-2018 [PDF, 1.8MB]

Education Report: Sector engagement on introducing a property disposal threshold for Tertiary Education Institutions and on the risk assessment criteria [PDF 2.7MB]

Education Report: Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) and Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA), Enhancements —  Releases 1 and 2 [PDF, 391KB]

Education Report: 2018-2019 Estimates Examination — Responses to the Standard Estimates Questionnaire [PDF, 936KB]

Education Report: Next Steps for Developing the School Leavers’ Toolkit [PDF, 801KB]

Education Report: New Zealand Qualifications Authority performance — Quarter 3, 2017-2018 [PDF, 559KB]

Education Report: Proposed amendment to the Ministerial consent process to allow wānanga to apply to use a protected term [PDF, 765KB]

Education Report: Agreement to enter into negotiations Papamoa Christian School [PDF, 3MB]

Education Report: Options for managing growth in Papamoa [PDF, 1MB]

Briefing documents

Briefing Note: Future Options for Papamoa Schooling Network [PDF, 1.4MB]

Other documents

Student Loan Scheme quarterly report January — March 2018 [PDF, 2MB]

Joint Report: MOE/NZQA Briefing Release of NCEA data and its uses [PDF, 903KB]

Agreement to enter into negotiations Papamoa Christian School — Annex 1 [PDF, 2.9MB]

Further Information on Primary School Network — Papamoa [PDF, 987KB]

Release of Ministerial decision making documents May 2018

Release of Ministerial decision making documents April 2018

Education reports

Education Report: Planned approach for development of Education Workforce Strategy 2018 [PDF, 756KB]

Education Report: Education Legislation Bill: content and consultation [PDF, 2.7MB]

Education Report: Alternative Constitution for the Papatoetoe Intermediate School (1428) Board of Trustees [PDF, 2.5MB]

Education Report: Tomorrow's Schools Review [PDF, 3.8MB]

Education Report: Tomorrow's Schools review — update on independent taskforce appointments and Terms of Reference [PDF, 4.3MB]

Education Report: NZQA performance Q2, 2017-2018 [PDF, 2.9MB]

Education Report: Education Boards fees reviews for the Minister of Education [PDF, 2.2MB]

Education Report: Principles of proactive release and how they apply to Crown entity monitoring [PDF, 734KB]

Education Report: Education New Zealand — Quarter 2, 2017-2018 [PDF, 3MB]

Education report: Scope and timing of review of home-based ECE [PDF, 2.7MB]

Education Report: Review of Home-based Early Childhood Education — Draft Terms of Reference [PDF, 1.7MB]

Education Report: Ministerial Youth Advisory Group — Report from Inaugural Meeting February 2018 [PDF, 5MB]

Other documents

Cabinet paper: Education legislation bill — proposed content and stakeholder engagement [PDF, 5.8MB]

Key Message for Consultation on Education Legislation BillAnnotated Agenda: ECE Strategy Session [PDF, 620KB]

A3: ECE strategy discussion [PDF, 441KB]

Joint Report: Education Sector Logon operational funding — release of Budget 2017 tagged contingency [PDF, 4.9MB]

Release of Ministerial decision making documents March 2018

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