Update on Primary Principals’ Bargaining

Attribute to Secretary for Education Iona Holsted

NZEI Te Riu Roa recommended the offer to principals. We are meeting the President of the NZEI later this week.

It is important that the facts about principals’ pay and the latest offer are clear.

Principals’ pay is determined by school roll size. This has always been the case and remains so under the offer. In some cases small school principals are paid less than a teacher with leadership responsibilities in a larger school. This is not new and the current offer does not change this.

Our offer was weighted in favour of principals of our smallest schools who got proportionately bigger increases than other principals. The offer also included additional staff for small schools.

We have offered to look at a range of issues raised by principals through an Accord, including pay parity.

Notes to editors:

This offer included:

  • Pay rises on 1 July of up to 13% for over 500 principals of our smaller schools of fewer than 100 students.
  • Also over 900 principals moving to a minimum salary of between circa $132,000 and $143,000 after three years (approx. $14,000 extra).
  • Another 270 principals moving to a minimum salary of around $150,000 ($148,400) after three years (approx. $15,000 extra).
  • Principals of larger schools would have seen considerably higher increases after three years, up to a salary of over $175,000.
  • $1,500 for union members.
  • Establishment of the Accord to address pay parity and wellbeing

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