Strengthening inclusion by modernising learning support (previously Special Education)

The Minister of Education today released Cabinet’s decisions on the Ministry’s next steps to modernise learning support (previously known as special education).

The Ministry is modernising and improving learning support so it’s easier to access, child-focused, flexible and better integrated with other social services.

In supporting all learners we're leaving behind terms like "special education" and "special needs" which can accentuate difference and act as a barrier.

We're looking at ways to measure learners' individual success and our overall investment, so we get the very best value for the money spent. This includes looking as a priority at how we deliver the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS), communications and behaviour services.

The Ministry has been working with sector partners and others to develop the recommendations recently approved by Cabinet and we’ll continue to work with others as we implement these latest decisions.

Local projects will continue making improvements and preparing the Ministry for changes, as they help shape the Ministry’s modernised learning support structure for implementation from 2017.

The Ministry is continuing to build a fully inclusive education system where all children can progress and achieve to their very best.

More information

Read more about the Learning Support (formerly Special Education) Update and next steps here

The Ministry has released all Cabinet papers and advice provided to the Minister of Education on the Learning Support (previously Special Education) Update.

You can read this official information on the Information releases section of our website.

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