Statement on further NZEI strike action

The Ministry of Education has received notification that next week’s rolling strike action by primary school principals and teachers is going ahead.

This was despite a new offer from the Ministry of Education that would mean significant pay increases for their members and an offer to provide for paid meetings to discuss the offer.

“The offer we have made is worth $698 million, that’s an increase of $129 million from the previous offer. It means that most teachers would get between $9,500 - $11,000 extra annually in their pay packets by 2020. The offer also provides for additional progression on the pay scale.

“Our offer took into account the large investment being made by the Government into learning support, including the recent announcement of $217 million for 600 new learning support coordinator roles, which the NZEI has asked for as part of easing teacher workload and helping parents and children.

“We expected the NZEI Executive would have waited for the recommendations of the facilitator and given its members an opportunity to properly consider our new pay offer before deciding to go ahead with strikes. Recommendations from the Employment Relations Authority will be available by the end of today.

“Settling pay negotiations with the NZEI is important and we have done all we can to reach agreement. We know strike action is disruptive for children’s learning and for parents.

Please attribute to Iona Holsted
Secretary for Education

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