Rising to the challenge

Chris Bryant talks about his role as lead principal at Wakatipu Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako.

We see the Kāhui Ako opportunity as a way of strengthening collegiality and collaboration across the schools for our kids.

The biggest thing I’ve gained as lead principal is that one person can’t do it. The success of the Kāhui Ako is not going to come down to the success of one person.

I see myself, in essence, as leading a network of teams, as opposed to the Kāhui Ako lead, the across school leads, and the within school teachers. Each team connects with a lead from each school, and team members connect back to teams in their own schools, hence a network of teams.

As things merge and grow and the Kāhui Ako progresses, we’ll probably have more networks. These networks will, over time, drive change and distribute opportunities for our kids and our teachers across all our schools. They will help us to grow capacity and capability to focus on the few things we need to do well, and on succession planning.

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