PM’s Science Teacher Prize winner Sarah Johns

The 2017 Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize recipient talks about her passion for teaching and the importance of creating a learning experience that taps into her students’ aspirations.

Sarah Johns, a science teacher at Nelson College for Girls, was chosen by the judges because of her 100 per cent commitment to her students and an uncompromising approach to bringing out the best in them.

Sarah says she begins with the students – who they are, what their aspirations are, and how they perceive themselves as learners and people.

“I guess from that place, I try to think about how I can create experiences that tap into those aspirations that have relevance for them.

“For me, teaching and learning is very relational, so to be able to form a trusting connection is key.

I think we need to be really explicit about what teaching will look like in this room with me – because student aspirations must be at the heart of everything we do. From there I can use my expertise to create experiences that will strengthen students as learners, as young people who are going into a world that they want to make a difference in.”


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