Haeata students now online at home after school pilot goes live

A Haeata school pilot to extend internet access from the school to students’ home went live on 21 September.

This pilot allows 360 Haeata Community Campus students across 190 Christchurch homes to have free access to the same safe (content filtered), uncapped internet they get at school.

“We know that learning for students and adults occurs at times outside of school hours, so having that access is really important for everyone in our community, not just those who can afford it,” says Haeata Community Campus Principal Andy Kai Fong.

The pilot is led by the Greater Christchurch Community Schools Network (GCSN) and sees Network for Learning (N4L) partnering with Haeata Community Campus, Chorus and the Ministry of Education. This is the second pilot that delivers wireless access into student homes for learning. The first one was at Rata School in the Hutt Valley, which was led by the Taka Trust and went live on 10 September.

Ministry of Education's Chief Information Officer Stuart Wakefield says “we continue to explore ways to provide internet access at home for students who currently don’t have it. We are working with N4L and representatives from the telecommunications sector, schools and community trusts to co-create ways to help these students.”

N4L is a key partner for the Ministry’s Equitable Digital Access for Students initiative.

N4L CEO Larrie Moore says “moving from connected schools to connected learners is part of N4L’s long-term strategy, and these pilots seek to inform the next steps of this initiative and opportunities for a way forward.” 

Ministry of Education’s equitable digital access for students

N4L’s long-term strategy

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