Establishment Board for Wanaka South School appointed

The Ministry of Education has appointed an Establishment Board of Trustees for Wanaka South School.

The Establishment Board of Trustees role is to oversee and assist in the process of setting up the new school.

The trustees appointed are:

  • Gena Bagley
  • Ian Hall
  • Jude MacArthur
  • Anna Roseingrave
  • Amy Watson

Cleave Hay will support the EBOT as a Governance Facilitator.

The first meeting will be held on 14 June, which will be an opportunity for trustees to determine the different skills and experiences of its members, and understand in greater details the role of the EBOT.

An early priority will be to elect a chairperson and work with the Governance Facilitator to draft a project plan that will identify the tasks it will need to complete to ensure the school will be ready to open in 2020.

There will be opportunities throughout the establishment process for the community to feed into the development of this new school.


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