Collective Agreement Offer for Secondary Principals

On 20 August 2019, the Ministry of Education presented the SPANZ Union and PPTA with an offer for settlement for the secondary principals’ collective agreement.

We are pleased that we have reached a position through mediation where both secondary principals’ unions are recommending settlement.

Settlement would see all secondary principals receive 3% pay increases on their roll based and staffing components of their remuneration. This provides a 9.3% cumulative pay increase over the 3-year term of the agreement.

Leadership payments will also be increased, dependent on the roll size of the school.

All principals who are union members will receive a one-off lump sum of $500 each.

 Agreement that the SPANZ Union will have their voice heard through the Accord on matters which concern their members.

 How many secondary principals are there?

 There are around 330 secondary principals.

 Read the Accord [PDF, 199 KB]

 Read the Secondary Principal Collective Agreement Terms of Settlement [PDF, 2.6 MB]

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