Building science and maths enthusiasm in the classroom

Science and mathematics teachers at Palmerston North East Community of Learning are using their expertise to advocate for their subjects – from early childhood to secondary school and beyond.

Mairi Borthwick is HOD Science at Freyberg High School and Troy Duckworth is a teacher at Russell Street School. Both are one of five across schools teachers in the Palmerston North East Community of Learning.

Mairi is a strong advocate for students learning science from early childhood to secondary and beyond. (She wants to change any perception that science is limited to Bunsen burners!)

Troy’s passion for maths and for his new role is palpable. “I’ve been teaching for a long time, so it’s nice to take the next step. Being an across schools teacher adds a new and exciting dimension,” he says.

Read the full story on the Education Gazette website.

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