National Learning Support services and nationwide rollout

Learning Support Update – nationwide implementation

Once we’ve completed the Learning Support Pilot, we’ll use the outcomes and lessons learned from the pilot so we can successfully implement the changes nationwide.

We’ll look to transition learners who are already receiving support, once the service improvements are running nationwide.

More choices for older Ongoing Resourcing Scheme students

We are looking at whether older students who are part of the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) can be given a wider array of options other than remaining at school.

ORS provides support to more than 9000 students with the highest level of disability, and around 1200 of them are aged 18 to 21.

Currently those students are in the schooling system. We will be looking at whether these students should also be offered options other than schooling, such as attending specialist courses offered by some tertiary providers.

Expanding communication Services

We know that currently there are gaps in what we offer in our speech therapy and other communication services, and we’re not able to reach everyone we would like to.

We want to see if there are other ways we could deliver our services, including hiring more speech language therapists and having more contracts with outside organisations.

Behaviour Services

About half of the government’s $175m yearly spending on behaviour services goes to the Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour service, at a cost of $88m. These services are run by schools, rather than the Ministry.

We will be working with the RTLB service to understand better the types of services each learner who needs support is receiving and whether there are gaps in services. We’re looking at how we can create flexibility within ORS, Communications Services and Behavioural Services so they provide the right support at the right time.

We won’t reduce funding for ORS, Communications Services or Behavioural Services provide, but rather, we will look for ways to address current issues.

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