Rebuilding Christchurch Schools 2013-2022

Many Canterbury schools were extensively damaged in the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes. So we’re working with local communities and education leaders on a $1.137b programme to renew the education network in greater Christchurch.

New schools in Christchurch.

We are building or redeveloping 115 schools in greater Christchurch, 23 of which will be completely new builds. The rebuild programme is on schedule, with eleven schools now complete, 27 under construction, and another 19 to start construction during 2017.

We want to thank principals, boards, teachers, students and parents for supporting this work, which is seeing thousands of Canterbury children and young people learning and achieving in what’s becoming one of the most modern education networks in the country.

New and rebuilt schools completed (to June 2017)

Eleven schools have so far been completed through the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme. This includes four schools that were formed through closure and merger processes as part of the Christchurch Education Renewal Programme. These are:

The other seven schools that have been completed include schools that have been relocated and new schools that have only recently been established. These are:

Another new school for greater Christchurch, Lemonwood Grove School in Rolleston has also been completed and opened its doors for Term 1, 2017. While this build was managed by the Christchurch Schools Rebuild team, it was outside of the Rebuild programme so isn’t included in our numbers above.

Progress report

Find your school on our full progress report:

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