Options for creating a new professional body for teaching

Agency Disclosure Statement

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been prepared by the Ministry of Education. It provides an analysis of options to establish a new professional body for teaching.

In 2011, Cabinet agreed to commission a review of the Teachers Council to ensure that it set and enforced clear standards for entry, progression and professional accountability, had the full support of the profession, and was clearly differentiated from government and industrial advocacy organisations [SOC Min (11) 20/3].

Quality teaching is identified as a key influence on high quality outcomes for diverse students. The evidence reveals that up to 59% of variance in student performance is attributable to differences between teachers and classes, while up to almost 21%, but generally less, is attributable to school level variables.

This Regulatory Impact Statement sets out to document the process undertaken by the Ministry to meet the Government’s objectives, including: the options considered, the rationale for selecting each preferred option, and the implications for the proposed way forward. This includes an analysis of the regulatory impacts of the preferred option.

The Ministry considers this document to be a fair representation of the analysis of available options to improve the regulatory framework for teaching.

Ben O’Meara Group Manager Schooling Policy


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