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Property News is a quarterly newsletter from the Education Infrastructure Service, keeping schools, project managers and local offices up-to-date with new policy, common queries and issues about education property.

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Issue 26

In this issue: Transition of 10YPP Consultants to Ministry Engaged, Helios Portal Access, Using Board Funding for School Property Projects, Winter is Coming: Boilers & Property Maintenance, Managing Asbestos in School Buildings and Upcoming Events.

Property News: Issue 26, March 2018 [PDF, 78 KB]

Issue 25

In this issue: Asbestos Update, Updated process for Ministry-led Major Construction Works Contracts, Sleepovers in schools, Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ), Fire Safety Design – Calculating Separation Distances update, School Property Procurement Templates refresh, Weathertightness, New DQLS Guideline Published, School Keys, Compliance Schedules, How to search for "10YPP" on and Property Maintenance Grant Rates (PMG) 2018.

Property News: Issue 25, November 2017 [PDF, 90 KB]

Issue 24

In this issue: Contract templates for maintenance work, Construction Professional Services Panels Performance Framework, 10YPP portal and new template, Rodents with too much fibre in their diet!, Managing asbestos in school buildings, Fire alarm systems, Drinking water, Training for project managers and 10YPP consultants, Changes to property training dates, Regional Property Sector Forums – Series 1 Roundup.

Property News: Issue 24, July 2017 [PDF, 129 KB]

Issue 23

In this issue: A new dawn for Haeata Community, Property training dates for 2017, Revised procurement templates, Tip for project managers completing 10YPP, Property Portal now live, Regional Sector Forums for 2017, Health and Safety Charter, Problems downloading forms?, A Roadmap for Safer Schools, Updated toilet reference designs, Property News Schedule for 2017, EIS publications.

Property News: Issue 23, March 2017 [PDF, 457 KB]

Issue 22

In this issue: New construction rates from December, Updated design guidelines, Help prevent arson at school, Regulation change to improve fire safety at sleepovers, Property training dates for 2017, PMG and 5YA calculations update, Updated construction or building works contracts, November earthquakes update, New asbestos risk management checklist, Regional Sector Forums for 2017.

Property News: Issue 22, December 2016 [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Issue 21

In this issue: Imported Building Materials, Weathertightness Reviews of Building Envelopes, School Property Planning and Project Management Panels now available, Case study of Kaipara College experience of Asbestos discovery, Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Process at the Finish Line for the Minister and 400+ Education Designations, Upcoming property training dates, $9m to deliver wireless technology to more schools.

Property News: Issue 21, June 2016 [PDF, 602 KB]

Issue 20

In this issue: Flexible Learning Spaces Reference Designs for Existing Standard Classroom Blocks, EIS service design, New list of 10YPP Consultants published, All-of-Government Electricity Contract.

Property News: Issue 20, March 2016 [PDF, 506 KB]

Issue 19

In this issue: Property maintenance, 5YA review - improvement requirements, EIS Design Guidance Documents, Hazards of oils, Security issues, Electrical Installation Standard and more.

Property News: Issue 19, December 2015 [PDF, 383 KB]

Issue 18

In this issue: Reference designs for upgrading standard blocks, Major Investments deliver for two Auckland schools, Rototuna schools update, construction observation, 2015 school property service satisfaction survey results and more.

Property News: Issue 18, September 2015 [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Issue 17

In this issue: New Public Private Partnerships, Treaty Settlements, bus tracking system, health and safety, roles and responsibilities of major capital projects, Property Toolbox update and more.

Property News: Issue 17, June 2015 [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Issue 16

In this issue: New schools open, Maori Immersion School complete, Electrical Contractors List and Standard, Structural and geotechnical guidance and more.

Property News: Issue 16, March 2015 [PDF, 1008 KB]

Issue 15

In this issue: Construction on Murupara Area School, Design Review Panel, Facilities Management Pilot, updates to construction professional services, new 10YPP requirements and more.

Property News: Issue 15, December 2014 [PDF, 647 KB]

Issue 14

In this issue: Builidng upgrades at Westlake Boys', Stonefields school opening, 10YPP update, disposals programme, construction of trades academy, safety working at heights and more.

Property News: Issue 14, September 2014 [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Issue 13

In this issue: ICT In Schools Update, MLE Update, Te Karaka Area School celebrates opening, Second PPP project underway, 10YPP reminder, New Technology facility for Western Heights High School, Te Puke High school redevelopment.

Property News: Issue 13 - June 2014 [PDF, 3.6 MB]

Issue 12

In this issue- New Zealand's First Zero Net-Energy School to open in Christchurch, Destructive tesing at Hamersley Park School, MLE Update - Toilet provision, Contract works Insurance, New Requirments for 10YPP, Christchurch Insurance Claim, and more.

Property News: Issue 12 - March 2014 [PDF, 3.6 MB]

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