The National Education Guidelines (NEGs)

There are 5 components to the National Education Guidelines - National Education Goals, foundation curriculum policy statements, national curriculum statements, National Standards and National Administration Guidelines (NAGs).

  1. National Education Goals that establish a common direction for state education
  2. Foundation Curriculum Policy Statements, which are statements of policy concerning teaching, learning, and assessment that are made for the purposes of underpinning and giving direction to -
    • The way in which curriculum and assessment responsibilities are to be managed in schools:
    • National curriculum statements and locally developed curriculum:
  3. National Curriculum Statements that schools use to make sure that teaching and learning programmes help all students to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum. Go to The New Zealand Curriculum on the TKI website (external link) .
  4. National Standards (external link) , which are standards, in regard to matters such as literacy and numeracy, that are applicable to all students of a particular age or in a particular year of schooling.
  5. National Administration Guidelines (NAGs), which are guidelines relating to school administration and which may (without limitation) -
    • set out statements of desirable codes or principles of conduct or administration for specified kinds or descriptions of person or body, including guidelines for the purposes of section 61
    • set out requirements relating to planning and reporting including -
      communicating the Government's policy objectives
    • set out transitional provisions for the purposes of national administration guidelines.

The The National Education Guidelines are defined by Sections 60A of the Education Act 1989 (external link)

National Education Guidelines given effect by 3 parts of the Education Act (external link)

  1. - section 61 (2) which states:

    The purpose of a school charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions, and targets of the Board that will give effect to the Government's national education guidelines and the Board's priorities.

  2. - section 61 (4) (b) .

    A school charter must include the Board's aims, objectives, directions, priorities, and targets in the following categories:

    • ... (b) the Board's activities aimed at meeting both general government policy objectives for all schools, being policy objectives set out or referred to in national education guidelines, and specific policy objectives applying to that school:
  3. - and section 62 (2) which states

    A school charter must be prepared and updated in accordance with national administration guidelines.

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