Initiatives to support Christchurch

Initiatives to support Greater Education Recovery and Renewal in Christchurch in the Budget 2013.

Canterbury Earthquakes Education Renewal (Schools Infrastructure Group)

New operating funding
  • 2013/14 $6.000m
  • 2014/15 $6.000m
  • 2015/16 $6.000m
  • 2016/17 $6.000m
Four Year Total $24.000m
The Government is committed to rebuilding Christchurch and recognises the central importance of renewing the education network. This regional initiative will help to restore, rejuvenate and consolidate schooling infrastructure capacity in greater Christchurch.

The renewal programme will establish closer connections at all stages of education, from the early years through to post-compulsory education. The aim is to move the focus away from individual institutions and services, to delivering holistic suites of educational resources, facilities and opportunities that communities need.

This budget initiative makes provision for $6.000 million of spending over each of the next four years, providing $24.000 million for the initial development and delivery of the school property programme management components of the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal programme of work. This funding will cover renewal dedicated staff costs, external contractors and consultants, development of assessment and prioritisation methodologies and other programme overheads. The construction works are anticipated costing in the order of $1 billion and will be the subject of a separate detailed business case to be considered by Government later this year.
Canterbury Renewal (Taskforce)

Operating funding
  • 2013/14 $3.927m
  • 2014/15 $3.927m
  • 2015/16 $2.953m
  • 2016/17 $2.953m
Four Year Total $13.760m
This funding will be used for:
  • Staffing. Resourcing the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme and initiatives.
  • Establishing and supporting Learning Community Clusters. Learning Community Clusters are made up of schools and early childhood education centres that have been grouped into ‘clusters’ based on geography or communities of interest. Staff from the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme team work with the Learning Community Clusters to help them develop and reach goals for education in their community.
  • Supporting Advisory Boards. An Education Advisory Board, Waitaha Advisory Board and Pasifika Advisory Board have been established to support the education renewal process in greater Christchurch.
  • Communications. Providing information and resources to schools, parents and the wider community to ensure they understand the proposed changes to the education network in greater Christchurch.
Canterbury Renewal (Workforce)

Operating funding
  • 2013/14 $3.177m
  • 2014/15 $3.144m
  • 2015/16 $2.338m
  • 2016/17 $1.449m
Four Year Total $10.108m
Support packages for the Christchurch school workforce will ensure that Christchurch maintains a high quality workforce that is focussed on achieving education outcomes.

This programme will affect all Christchurch schools, either by rebuilding work, roll changes, merging, closing, re-capitation or changing cluster arrangements. Throughout the programme’s implementation the workforce support packages will:
  • Ensure that all state and state-integrated Christchurch schools have a stable, high quality workforce focussed on achieving education outcomes including the Government’s priorities for Better Public Service Goals, and the Ministry of Education’s Taskforce Plans
  • Provide Boards of Trustees, principals, school staff, parents, whānau, stakeholders and the community with excellent information, appropriate support and change management resources.

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