Pacific Education Foundation Scholarships (PEF)

The next round of scholarships will open in 2019.

To be eligible for these scholarships, you must be enrolled in a tertiary institution in New Zealand and be a New Zealand citizen or resident of Pacific Island descent. For more details see the guidelines and regulations for each scholarship.

Individual scholarships 

Each year PEF awards individual scholarships to Pasifika applicants. 

Postgraduate scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a postgraduate student studying to benefit Polynesian peoples.

PEF Scholarships for mature students

These scholarships are awarded to mature students (students who are 25 years old and over) studying at either undergraduate or postgaduate level.

About PEF

PIPEF was established in 1972 to encourage pasifika students into further education and is funded by the Ministry of Education. The Foundation’s board members reflect the modern Pacific Island community and its various cultures.

Ko 'etau ngaue fakatahataha te tau ikuna ai, "working together we will succeed”.

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